• Salt Farming
    Salt Farming
  • Wheat Field
    Wheat Field
  • Humber Bridge
    Humber Bridge
  • Wind Farm
    Wind Farm
  • Able Humber Ports Facility, UK
    Able Humber Ports Facility, UK
  • The South Humber Bank
    The South Humber Bank
  • Food Security
    Food Security
  • Industrial Symbiosis
    Industrial Symbiosis

Complexity Science for the Real World

Public authorities are faced with the challenge of developing and embedding strategic policy simultaneously conducive to economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and eradicating global food poverty.

Under EPSRC’s ‘Complexity Science for the Real World’ initiative, the Evolution and Resilience of Industrial Ecosystems (ERIE) project addresses the necessity of regional and national policy to incorporate the interconnectedness and interdependencies inherent within the complex web of industrial sectors. The project aims to develop a framework for generating and testing policy and governance strategies within two specific ‘real world’ systems; 'The Humber Region' and 'Food Security and Sustainability'.

The project is a 6 year interdisciplinary venture involving researchers from the Departments of Sociology, Mathematics, Computing and the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey.



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